The Artist

"The real sign of intelligence is imagination. Not knowledge!"  (Albert Einstein)

Vaki combines both.  She reconciles and harmonically unites the incompatible.  She began her creative travel in the broader area of art 25 years ago.  Through her studies in fashion design, History of Art, costume history, and modern dance, both in Greece and Italy, she learned not to be consumed.  She learned to ignore anything that does not thrill her!

Her involvement later on with well known Greek fashion designers opened the door to her free and creative expression.

On the way, she combined her past experience with communication marketing and the organization of unique events.

Well known publications relating to art, lifestyle, interior decoration, have cooperated with Vaki for a long time.

Her multi-faceted experience and constant quest for “style” in all its expressions, have provided her with the ability to comprehend with her own special and characteristic way the needs of each place she decorates, indifferent whether they are interior or exterior areas, residences or small and large commercial spaces. 

Passing of time wrinkles the skin.  Lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul!  That’s why Vaki has learnt to act very committed and professionally to all the projects she undertakes.  And she considers this conscious commitment to be an act of freedom.